Effing Worms 2: The Monster Worms is Back with a Bigger Appetite

Effing Worms 2

The original Effing Worms took us to places that many wouldn’t believe worms couldn’t possible take us. Now the hungry worm is back for yet more chaos and destruction in Effing Worms 2, the much-improved sequel to the highly-entertaining original. The return of the blood-hungry worm is accompanied by a host of new features such as upgrades, new enemies, and also a greatly-improved look that is smoother than ever before. Whether you are a new player or have experience with the game, Effing Worms 2 is definitely going to be an entertaining experience for you.

The gameplay remains fairly similar to the original, with the player taking control of the highly ugly and hugely hungry worm, with the screen side-scrolling infinitely across some fairly generic terrain. The view is a cross-section of ground and the scenery above it, with the worm beginning comfortably in the ground. The only controls you have to get to grips with are the directional arrows, which control the worm’s movement in and out of the ground. The aim is simply to kill as many people and to destroy as many vehicles as possible above the ground. Killing enemies ensures that your satisfaction meter is kept full; if you allow the meter to become empty, your worm will die. Much of the game, therefore, is spent carefully attempting to guide your worm in and out of the ground, avoiding as much damage from enemies as possible whilst trying to gobble up all that you can.

The worm’s movement is much smoother this time around, and he also has wings so he can glide through the air for longer periods of time than was ever possible in the game’s predecessor. The enemies range from fleeing businessmen to more deadly soldiers, aeroplanes and helicopters shooting all kinds of explosives at you. You will even encounter hundreds of Nyan Cats flying in the air, which is just one example of the various quirky aspects of the game designed to make you laugh.

The upgrade process has also been improved so that in addition to upgrading speed and size occasionally during the levels, you now upgrade after each stage. Once each level ends, you are given a choice of two options such as choosing between increased speed or increased size. This upgrade procedure brings something refreshing to the game and also means that there are a huge number of combinations possible for upgrading your worm. This also increases the replayability of the game significantly since there are so many possible ways you can develop your worm. The different possibilities also mean having to make strategic decisions and deciding whether you will perform better with a small, agile worm or a larger one that is more cumbersome but has more health than the smaller worm. These decisions must be factored into your strategy in the game, making the gameplay focused on more than just randomly killing hundreds of people without thinking about the logistics behind it all.

Effing Worms 2 is a huge improvement on the original and sets a new standard for the various worm games available for browser and mobile devices, giving us an upgrade progress that makes you want to keep playing the game over and over. The graphics are hugely improved on the predecessor as well, showing off the greater range of enemies and quirky aspects of the game as well. The whole thing may be a little simple, but it keeps you coming back for more.