Feed Us 5: The Vicious Piranhas Are Back!

Feed Us 5: The Vicious Piranhas Are Back!

Though it’s quite chic at the moment to indulge in shark-attack games such as the Hungry Shark Evolution/Hungry Shark World saga, Feed Us 5 is still a formidable flash-based experience when it comes to violent, visceral fun. Its premise is to control a piranha from its miniscule beginnings to its colossal conclusion, collecting litres of blood and eating everything that stands in your way. It’s all about exploring your surroundings, eating all living matter in sight, and unlocking exciting upgrades as you go. The series has seen incremental improvements as each title has been released, but the superior visual style, slicker graphics, and increased quantity of content available in Feed Us 5 makes it all the more enjoyable to play.

A Game from Pyrozen

In 2016, there are plenty of mobile shark-attack games to get one foaming at the gills, but seeing as Hungry Shark World is an exclusively mobile-based game, the flash-game world must settle for much slimmer pickings. Feed Us has been an incredibly successful flash-game series specialising in light-hearted yet impressively brutal shark-attack gameplay, and Feed Us 5 represents the latest flash-game innovations from Pyrozen.

The iconic and bloodthirsty piranha of the series is back, ready to eat pretty much everything in sight as you chew, munch, and generally savage you way through the waters of the game, growing in size and upgrading your stats as you go. With more visual style and game content than ever before, Feed Us 5 is, as this review suggests, a flash game more than worth substantially more than just a few minutes of your time.

A Lot of Feeding

Feed Us 5’s gameplay largely sticks to what we have come to know and love about the series. Its premise is that you begin as a tiny Piranha confined to captivity, but with ample opportunity to escape your surroundings, eating people and destroying many objects as you go. It’s side-scrolling arcade-style game where water is your main medium, though you’ll occasionally be flipping and flapping over segments of land, too. There are many objectives to complete as you progress your way through the various areas in the game, as well as many creatures to devour, litres of blood to collect from your victims, and also enemies to contend with.

You utilise the mouse in order to control your Piranha. The tiny little Piranha you start of with is relatively pathetic in his abilities, taking a long time to eat a person, even if you’re able to get your teeth around their head. The mouse is used as a guide for the Piranha, as he follows the direction of your mouse. You can use it to make him leap out of the water, too, clicking the left mouse button to initiate the boost. You’ll likely find it to be similar to the hugely popular mobile games Hungry Shark Evolution and Hungry Shark World, only Feed Us 5 has a much less polished feel to it, being a free-to-play flash game as opposed to a mobile game with $1 million+ in revenue.  

Collecting Litres

Killing people and other marine/land creatures allows you to collect “litres of blood”, which are used to purchase upgrades for your Piranha. This is how you’re able to make him grow from a tiny, forgettable fish into an aquatic machine of unending destruction.

This game’s developer, Pyrozen, included the ability to upgrade your Piranha’s teeth, fins, scales, tail, and also the number of additional “Seeds” he can have (these are just other helpful aquatic creatures, such as puffer fish, that swim with you and help you in your destructive efforts). Upgrading your jaws will allow you a more formidable bite and therefore a quicker killing of your opponents. Upgrading your tail increases your speed, and upgrading your scales allows for increased toughness so you’re not so easily killed by creatures under the water like sharks, as well as other land creatures such as bears, who also wish to do you harm.

Lots to Explore

There are various areas, both underwater and on land, to explore with your Piranha. Being an aquatic creature, you’ll need to watch your out-of-water health bar as you exit the drink, as you’ll soon perish if you’re out of water for too long. This means you need to be creative and strategic when choosing to spend time out of the water. You’ll find many underwater creatures such as sharks, that will attempt to make your life difficult by tearing you apart at every opportunity. The game is therefore all about surviving in order to complete the missions – these range from collecting certain quantities of blood to destroying certain objects in various areas – and also to upgrade your Piranha into a formidable creature.

It’s very easy to become addicted to the gameplay, here. It’s a perfect lunchtime pastime since you can save your progress and come back to it, dipping in and out of its arcade-style, underwater-destruction action anytime you like. You’ll notice that if you Play Feed Us 5, that the movement can occasionally feel a little bug-filled, and the sound effects certainly leave a lot to be desired. As an upgrade-and-eviscerate flash game, however, this is a game that manages to tick all of the boxes.