Two Player Mayhem in Nitrome Must Die

Nitrome Must Die

Strategy, action, and mayhem all come together when you try to play Nitrome Must Die. Monsters come in all shapes and sizes inside the ridiculously large office tower that players home to Nitrome -who apparently has a lot of monster-making machinge. This whacked-out, 2D action platformer will have you shooting everything at anything, ninja stars, rocket missiles, buzzsaws, Molotov cocktails, tons and tons of bullets, and a whole lot of other weapons. Pick one up and get ready to make things go splat.

Going Floor By Floor

The whole premise of Nitrome Must Die is that there are two gamers who are quite disgruntled and vexed by the newest Nitrome game offerings. Bored and angry, the two decide to invade and destroy the Nitrome offices for revenge. When the two arrive, they are confronted by a wide array of monsters that are being manufactured in the tower itself. As a plot, it seems rather silly, but this is Nitrome's humor at work, and it is not surprising that they chose to make fun of themselves to celebrate their 100th game. Not surprisingly, the weapons and enemies you face are nods and homages to the many games they have previously released.

In order to advance and progress through the game, players will have to clear out each floor of enemies. After doing this, the elevator doors will open and you will be able to go up to the next floor. Enemies vary in movement patterns, attacks, and toughness, so dealing with each one will require some light experimentation in order to figure out how to defeat them without taking damage. Weapons that appear will be randomized, which means that you will also need to adapt to the current situation depending on what weapon you get. It is not an uncommon occurrence for a weapon to be unsuitable for the situation. In cases like this, the player will have to hold out and survive until a better weapon spawns. This is particularly true during boss battles.

Competitive Cooperation

The game can be played solo or with a teammate for shared screen cooperative play. While the objective remains the same and there is no friendly fire, there is still some competition in terms of score earned. The more enemies you kill, the more points you earn. But also, there is a score multiplier that you can earn every few stages. Every time you clear a floor, the game gives you a chance to either bank your current score or gamble with a score multiplier. Banking adds your earned score into your permanent score. Gambling with a multiplier means that you get a multiplier bonus, but if you die, any unbanked score is discarded. Naturally, banking will cancel your current multiplier.

Gameplay-wise, having a higher score will not affect your performance. The element is there simply as a way for you to gauge how well you are playing. And of course, between two players, a little bit of healthy competition helps too. In terms of strategy, going for a high multiplier means learning how to play safe and not attempt too many risky strategies -a single badly-placed Molotov can make quick work of your health.

Big Boss Battles and Random Guns

The game's boss battle are all on the large scale -you fight against different kinds of monsters that take up a huge part of the screen. Each boss will have its own unique attack pattern. And while some are more vulnerable against certain weapons more than others, you cannot exactly plan for the fight since the weapons that spawn are random.

It is important to pay attention to the icon of the weapon that is available. If your current gun is much more effective against the current enemies, switching may be a very bad move. Take the second boss, which has a weak spot that keeps changing positions -unless you have a weapon whose direction you can easily control, hitting that target can be quite the challenge (especially if you have a penguin or barrel weapon).

More Action, More Fun

Nitrome Must Die is the kind of game you play when you just want to enjoy a good action romp. The story is pretty shallow, and the whole delivery is straightforward. But what it lacks in depth, it makes up for with sheer cleverness and addictive value. Shooting down enemies with your favorite gun can only go so long thanks to not-unlimited ammo. This means that no matter the situation, players will have to constantly think and adapt -making the gameplay very satisfying.